Activity: Walk Yourself Fitter with Total Body Walking

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Wellness WALX

Price: £6.00

  • Distance: 2 Miles
  • Date: Thu 18th July
  • Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Location Name: Crook Log Leisure Centre
  • Address: Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, London, DA7 4HH, United Kingdom
  • W3W: insist.single.league
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Main Instructor:

Helen Sadique

Hosted By:

Helen Sadique

Walk Description:

This is an ideal WALX class, specifically designed for those coming off cardiac rehab and exercise referral programmes but open to all WALX in Bexley members.

These gentle outdoor WALX classes offer a range of benefits, including improved health, better balance, taller posture. All experienced within a social and supportive setting. Each week, the content of the class varies so you get to experience the range of walking fitness session available with us at WALX in Bexley, whether you are looking for improved health and fitness, greater strength, better balance or posture, or simply want to enjoy the social benefits of supportive group exercise. You will experience Total Body Walking (the new Nordic walking!) and a whole lot more. These classes are delivered by Helen and members of the WALX in Bexley team. Instructors delivering these classes have a background in delivering exercise to those with medical conditions. The classes are managed so everyone exercises at the level that is just right for them.

WALX classes are delivered outside so you will need outdoor shoes or trainers and a rain jacket. Total Body Walking poles are provided for new walkers.

Classes starting from Crook Log will finish at the leisure centre café for those who would like to end with a well-deserved cuppa. If you have any questions about these classes, or you have come to WALX in Bexley as part of the funded programme in partnership with Lex Leisure, WALX and Transport for London, please get in touch.  

    Thursday 1.00-2.45pm at Crook Log Leisure Centre Crook Log WALX meet in the car park on the far side (past the entrance to the centre).  

Saturday 9.45-10.45am Danson Park Danson Park WALX will meet at the Stables car park.

Location Notes:

Park on the far side of the car park passed the main entrance.