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WALX Discovery Session

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  • Only 10 places remaining!
  • Distance: 2 Miles
  • Date: Sat 8th June
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Location Name: Cotswold Sports Centre
  • Address: Cotswold Sports Centre, Downs Way, Reading, RG31 6SL, United Kingdom
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Main Instructor:

WALX Kennet Valley

Walk Description:

If you want to Discover what WALX is all about, try this DISCOVERY SESSION.It's a brilliant way to find out more about WALX Kennet Valley and how we can help you walk well, get more out of walking, meet other walkers, enjoy the best local walking routes and learn how total body walking with poles and drills might be the best way to exercise ever!

The Discovery session will include elements of the following:

How to make walking work for you – do it well & get results Using poles – how they can help with all kinds of walking, from hiking to rehabilitation or even training for a distance challenge How to improve strength, balance and range of movement whilst walking Improve mind and body by connecting with nature and exercising outdoors.

These FREE 30-minute sessions give you a clear idea of what WALX is about!

Based in West Berkshire and exploring the woodland paths, rivers, canals and nature reserves, WALX Kennet Valley offers a weekly programme of Total Body WALX and Wellness WALX sessions for health, fitness, strength, improved posture and sociality.

Our programme includes:

Total Body WALX - a walking class incorporating functional strength exercises and cardiovascular bursts for improved fitness. We also use Total Body Walking poles and turn a walk into a workout. Feel the improved posture and upper body exercise provided with effective pole use Wellness WALX - a walking class incorporating gentle strength, balance and coordination exercises for improved posture, stability and exercise confidence Explorer WALX - longer social walks, exploring walking routes in and around the Kennet Valley, and walking holidays. Next year, we are planning a walking holiday in Europe!

With such a range, this WALX Discovery Session gives you a taste of each to help you determine which class types appeal to you.

Pre-booking is essential.


Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather and walking shoes with grippy sturdy soles. Wearing a bum bag with a water bottle or hydration pack is advisable.   If you are likely to be delayed, please get in touch with your WALX Guide by phone, leaving a voicemail or sending an SMS to the number listed below.   While we understand that sometimes it is impossible to make a class, please be aware that we operate a no-refund policy if you give us less than 2 hours notice.   Please ensure your PARQ is current and notify us in writing if you have any medical records or changes in your physical or mental well-being. This should include any surgery, falls, knocks or accidents.    Janine Lewis 07792 550191

All WALX are undertaken at your own risk. If you are unsure of anything before, during or after a walk, please speak to Janine.

Location Notes:

Please use the lower car park adjacent to the park and social club. We meet in the sports centre reception area