Activity: 8.15 am FREE 30min TASTER Session Forest Centre , Delamere

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WALX Discovery Session

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  • Distance: 1 Miles
  • Date: Sun 30th June
  • Time: 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM
  • Location Name: Delamere Forest Forest Centre Carpark by the visitors centre cafe
  • Address: 2 Lynmere Cottages, Delamere, Northwich CW8 2JD, UK
  • W3W: troubled.consults.oils
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Main Instructor:

Elizabeth Kerley

Walk Description:

These FREE 30-minute sessions give you a clear idea of what WALX is all about!  Why not stay for the follow-up session, 9.00 to 10.00 and be part of the fitness fun experience? Based at Delamere Forest and surrounding areas, WALX with Kerley offers a weekly programme of Nordic and fitness walking classes for health, fitness, strength, improved posture and sociality.

Our programme includes Total Body WALX Fitness- a walking class incorporating functional strength exercises and cardiovascular bursts for improved fitness.

Total Body WALX Wellness - a walking class incorporating gentle strength, balance and coordination exercises for improved posture, stability and exercise confidence.

Nordic WALX - using Total Body Walking poles, we turn a walk into a workout. Feel the improved posture and upper body exercise provided with effective pole use.

Connecting with Nature WALX or Forest Bathing WALX -slowing down, encouraging you to connect with the natural world around you through your different senses.  Immerse yourself in nature to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and amongst other benefits, improve mental wellbeing and increase your immune response.

Explorer WALX - longer social walks further afield, exploring walking routes in and around Cheshire and walking holidays in the spring and  Snow shoeing in the winter. With such a range, this WALX Discovery Session gives you a little taste of each so you can determine which class types appeal to you.

  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch - just see below for mobile phone and email details.     We make sure that people can enjoy safe, effective outdoor exercise following Government guidelines.   

Contact Kerley if you have any further questions.   

Location Notes:

Meet in Forest centre Carpark by the cafe.. Car parking charges apply. My discounted carparking charges no longer apply with the new number plate recognition. There are toilets here