Activity: Gentle Wellness WALX in Kedleston

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Wellness WALX

Price: £6.50

  • Distance: 2 Miles
  • Date: Wed 21st August
  • Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Location Name: National Trust Kedleston Park, Kedleston Road, Kedleston, Derby.
  • Address: Kedleston Gate, Kedleston Road, Amber Valley, DE22 5JD, United Kingdom
  • W3W: drove.talked.guard
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Main Instructor:

Ralph Eales

Hosted By:

Ralph Eales

Walk Description:

Gentle WALX is great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life!

The class is designed to help you get confident moving outdoors, whilst enjoying the fresh air and having some fun.

Please bring your NT membership cards with you to show in reception. If you are not a member please declare to your Instructor or Walk leader as there is a nominal fee that we give to the NT. 

Join us for a drink in the restaurant after the walk. 

Free to DD members, discounted to PAYG. 

Save money and pay by DD - for £34.50 a month you get all these weekly walks included as well as unlimited virtual sessions. 


It is advisable to bring a water bottle or hydration pack for during the walk. 

You are asked to contact your WALX Guide by phone, leaving a voicemail or send an SMS text to the number listed below, if you are likely to be delayed.

Whilst we do understand that sometimes it is not possible to make a class, please be aware that we do operate a no refund policy if you give us less than 2 hours’ notice.

Please ensure your PARQ is up to date and notify us in writing if you have any changes to your medical records or physical or mental wellbeing. This should include any surgery, falls, knocks or accidents. 

Location Notes:

Meet in the visitors centre car park by the Visitor ticket office.