Care & Maintenance of Poles

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It’s that time of year again when you need to think about care and maintenance of your poles.
They have served you well during the summer and will do so for many years to come providing we show them a wee bit of TLC
Looking after and storing your poles correctly will extend their life and make them easier to use (adjustment and tightening in particular)
Here are a few simple tips:
1. Always separate the poles by pulling them apart ( with a sharp action) after use in wet conditions or if laying them down in mud, sand etc.
2. Once apart wipe them clean and leave to dry thoroughly before putting them back together.
3. Should the pole not lock when twisted ensure the parts have been lubricated (ONLY use mild detergent) and thoroughly dried.
4. If your poles become difficult to adjust check for white powder inside the poles – this could be Aluminium oxide which is caused if storing poles in a wet condition. Remove the oxide by immersing the poles in soapy water and running the sections up and down inside each other vigorously. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.
5. NEVER apply solvents or lubricants to any part of the pole.
6. Do not leave your poles locked at the same length for prolonged periods of time.
7. Store away from extremes of heat & cold (NOT the garden shed!)
8. When storing for long periods loosen the locking mechanism.
Look after them and they will not fail you

For advice and videos on how to overcome problems with your poles see

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