Choosing the best Nordic Walking Poles for ME

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Over the last few weeks, and none more so than at the final Learn2 Couch to Coast session on Tuesday I have been approached for advice on which make/type of Nordic Walking pole would best suit an individual?

While there is little difference between Leki, Fizan or Gabel as Manufacturers of Nordic Walking poles, when choosing what best suits YOU consider the following:


  1. How are the poles adjusted for length, clip or internal twist system?
  2. How do the straps clip into/onto the pole
  3. How easy is it to unclip the strap from the pole
  4. What size strap do I require (all of the ones you used during your training were size medium)


There are two main types of Strapless poles in use:


These poles were designed for post/hip knee surgery, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and fall prevention. Activator poles promote active living and over 182 independent studies on PubMed have found walking poles improve strength, balance, posture, walking tolerance & speed whilst reducing impact off knee joints.

Urban Activator

Ultimate strapless Nordic Poles, Ergonomic CoreGrip and strapless for injury prevention                                                                Product Details

The moulded ergonomic handles on these innovative Urban fitness walking poles makes them ideal for those who want to engage the upper body with every step or gain stability without having to master full (Gear 1-4) Nordic Walking techniques. The handles literally fit your hands and place the poles into the ultimate fitness walking position.

They are easy to adjust, easy to master and great for stability and rehabilitation too.

  1. Lightweight, stylish and highly effective!
  2. Designed by an occupational therapist with your safety in mind
  3. Ergonomic CoreGrip and strapless for injury prevention
  4. Adjustable for user heights up to 183 cm
  5. Secure button locking system (up to 91 kg per pole)
  6. Durable bell-shaped rubber tip for stability
  7. Weight 998g
  8. Length 84.6cm
  9. Collapsed length 74 cm
  10. Adjustment range: 95-120cm (NOTE in 25mm increments ONLY)
  11. Max user weight 136 kg
  12. Aluminium

Urban 300 Series

Product Details


Built for fitness and engineered for performance, safety and comfort. Complete with durable rubber & carbide tips for hiking. Anti-vibration features include CoreGrip, ferrule (to prevent against damage, splitting and wear) and tips. The ergonomic CoreGrip engages your core muscles as you walk to help you easily strengthen your core.


  1. Lightweight, stylish and highly effective!
  2. Designed by an occupational therapist with your safety in mind
  3. Ergonomic CoreGrip and strapless for injury prevention
  4. Collapsed length: 78 cm
  5. Pole sections: 2
  6. Locking system: secure internal twist system
  7. Max user weight: 136 kg
  8. Adjustment range: 100-130cm.(accurate to within mm)


Next consider the use, for this I have attached a flyer produced by Nordic Walking UK and available via the website under the STORE Tab on the home page.

Most people purchase the adjustable pole for everyday use

Should you require further assistance or wish to re-visit the various poles available please do not hesitate to contact me and we can get together.

Alternatively speak to the experts at Nordic Walking UK using the contact details available on the flyer

Enjoy your new found leisure activity at the same time as improving your fitness, strengthening your core muscles whilst being the envy of many who have to pay for the privilege of visiting our magnificent county and all that it has to offer.

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