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Save even more money on your NeWTs Nordic walks!!!

Sign up for our £30 monthly membership, and you get these amazing benefits:

    • All walks less than 2hrs long are FREE
    • Minimum 50% discount on all longer walks*
    • Protected against walk price increases
    • Priority booking on special events & holidays
    • 1 free walk per month with another Nordic Walking UK/WALX group
    • Simple 1-click booking
    • Money is paid by direct debit, so no more searching around for your credit card to top-up
    • There is a 3 month minimum contract, but you are then free to cancel anytime after that.


If you have any questions, please speak to Jane (or any of the walk leaders or monthly members)


* In the event of a joint walk with another instructor, the monthly member’s price will be set by the instructor leading the walk

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