Summing up 2021

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Well, what a year we at NWUKTW have had!

We’ve walked together in downpours where the rain slithered like melted wax down our waterproofs; on days where the clouds look like night-time, like a deep bruise, when it’s so dull it seems there’s a hundred tones of dismal grey. But did this deter us? Hell no! Why? Because we are a splendid team, supporting each other come rain or shine.

On our dawn chorus walk the melodic birdsong drifted around us; on blue sky days the dappled sun shone through the woodland trees creating mysterious shadows, while the fluffy white clouds drifted lazily on a gentle breeze.

On summer evening walks the halo of amber light floated in the air and cast long shadows on the ground, while the sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. All the while chatter and very often laughter peals from within the group as we walk together. The joy we all share as we reach the end of an enjoyable and challenging Nordic walk is tangible.

Thank you all for making this happen, it would be nothing without YOU!!

Wishing you all a Christmas that’s peaceful and filled with love and joy, whether you’re near or far from your loved ones.

Happy New year!

Love and Cheer from us,

Emily & Carole xx

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