Walking In Warm Weather

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Walking in the UK is normally a chilly affair, so when the temperature rises it often takes us by surprise. Here’s some advice for when you’re out Nordic walking:

Lowering your body temperature in the hour before you walk in the heat slows the rate at which your core temperature rises once you’re out the door.  So pop on the fan and cool your body before you head out


Hydrate before, during and after your Nordic walk.  Don’t be afraid to ask the walk leader to stop so you can drink. If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated  On longer walks you may also need to replace vital salts and minerals.

Wear the right clothes and shoes
Light-coloured clothes will reflect the sun’s rays away from you.  Wear moisture wicking fabrics where possible.  Avoid tight clothes that won’t allow a breeze to get through and switch to thinner socks as your feet will naturally swell in warm weather

Keep a cool head and protect your skin
A breathable cap or hat with a wide brim is ideal for keeping the sun off your head.  Sun screen is important too so don’t leave home without it.

Stay safe
Watch out for the key signs of dehydration: thirst, headache, not being able to think clearly, drowsiness, fatigue, achiness.  If you get any of these tell your walk leader, stop in a shady place, rest and rehydrate.  Cardio exercise in scorching heat can put serious stress on your body and raise your heart rate. Listen to your body and stop if you need to!

NHS Choices has further great advice for how to keep cool during a heatwave.  Click here to read more.

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