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A VERY useful article from WALX HQ.  We have a discussion about gloves at the start of almost every walk at the moment so thought I would share this info!  


“We often get asked if you can use gloves with Nordic walking Poles and the answer is YES. What’s more, we advise that you do use gloves for Nordic Walking in weather as bitter as it is right now!

However, to use poles correctly, it’s important that the Nordic walker manages a light grip and appreciates that the hands are integral to good technique so need to articulate freely. Some fingers remain in touch with the handle whilst others are less involved so Mitten style gloves are not ideal as they do not allow for this. Gloves also need to be flexible and fairly lightweight but also warm and ideally WATERPROOF or at least WATER REPELLENT too. If using strapped Nordic walking poles, they also need to be thin enough to fit into the pole straps comfortably (see below for alternative options)

Traditional woollen gloves do provide warmth and typically a snug fit but when wet, they can add to the chill factor rather than keeping fingers toasty and warm. Some hardy walkers opt for fingerless gloves but as the index finger and second finger do not do much work in relation to pole use – this can cause them to get really chilled.

Although we advocate a light grip on both strapped and strapless walking poles, it is necessary to grip enough to avoid the hands slipping which can cause blisters and affect both comfort and performance. Therefore it’s good to get gloves with non- slip palms and fingers. This all weather glove by SEALSKINZ  is totally waterproof and also designed to aid grip

There is also a water repellent version which is keenly priced and less bulky too see HERE

These days we are never too far from our phones and it’s a total pain when you need to remove thick gloves in order to take that picture of the winter wonderland or take a call. If you are not tough enough to go fingerless, check out gloves that have a removable finger tip or special fabric for touchscreen and keypad use.

To achieve the ultimate comfort when using strapped nordic walking poles, it is sometimes preferable to replace your usual straps for warmer full fingered GLOVE versions that clip into the poles. Be careful to check that they are the same make as your poles as Gabel and Fizan poles tend to have plastic trigger clips (as shown) whilst many Leki models have a small loop.

The Gabel gloves shown are super lightweight, grippy and designed for Nordic walking and are in the SALE too!

Getting gloves that fit……………….

If you are worried about getting the right size gloves – this article might help you to understand some of the sizes quoted and also how to measure your hands click HERE . If in doubt, measure your hands and call our helpful team who make sure they get the right size for you (0333 1234 540)

So, don’t let chilly digits get in the way of enjoyable winter walks with or without your poles this winter.”


I hope the info is helpful – I have to say I didn’t realise you could get warm gloves that click into your poles! They seem to be available for Gabel and Leki poles!  I may well invest in a pair!



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