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Planning a trip this Summer?

See below for some tips to make holiday travel and walking comfortable …in all weathers!

Tip 1 – Check your airline’s policy on poles!

If you plan on travelling with your Walking poles this Summer be aware……… Very few airlines will allow you to board with poles as hand luggage. To that end, you will need to either pop longer poles through the outsize or sports baggage system OR invest in lightweight travelling poles that fit into your suitcase. The GABEL FUSION is a good choice as your second pair of poles as they are a 5 in 1 pole that can be used for trekking, skiing and ski touring too. They even come with two strap types and the baskets required for sand and snow. Like most of our three piece poles, they will break down small enough to go into a case – see the full range of travel poles HERE and remember our experienced retail team are happy to provide you with measurements just to make sure they fit in your case!!

Tip 2 – Stay Hydrated

Water to go filter bottleStaying hydrated is vital for your health so be prepared to adapt your fluid intake in hotter climes! Did you know that being dehydrated increases the risk of strokes and other serious conditions and exacerbates the symptoms of other conditions too? Poor hydration causes achy joints and lack of energy – nobody wants those on a well earned break! Our tip is to top up your water level rather than reach for a snack so always have a good re-useable bottle to hand.

Metal water bottles are not only great for the planet, they keep water nice and cool if you put them in the fridge overnight and pop ice cubes in before you set out. If you are worried about the quality of water when travelling or when out walking, why not invest in a WATER TO GO bottle which has a 3 in 1 filter that removes 99.999% of all microbiological contaminants from any non salt-water source

There are also great backpacks with ‘bladders’ in but however you carry it, water is pretty heavy (2 lbs per litre) and we do need circa 2 litres a day and when walking briskly possibly even more, to stay well hydrated.

Tip 3 – Choose cool clothing

In hot weather, long sleeved walking shirts are better than tight Tees and can ward against sunburn and ticks (in fact some have insect repellent and sun protection built in – our favourite is the SANCTUARY SHIRT from ROHAN (especially as WALX/NWUK Members can get a discount!)

In extreme conditions it is also important to cover the neck or wear a ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ style hat with a back flap. A lightweight linen scarf can also work and feels great if soaked with water or better still …..invest in a COOLING HEAD OR NECK SCARF  this special fabric has cells which make it instantly turn ice cold when damp – small cooling towels are also available. You will LOVE the feeling as you wrap it around your neck and cool off your face.

Tip 4 – get the right bags and backpacks

We all know how stressful it is at the airport when we are trying to keep passports safe but have them to hand too. And let’s not get started on the need to scan phones etc as well decanting all liquids as we remove shoes and belts! There is nothing quite as handy as a TRAVEL BELT because they ensure that your passports, credit cards can stay with you where possible.


Another must have travel bag is the clever DEUTER WIZARD which is a nifty, useful waist pack that morphs into a lightweight backpack if you need to remove a layer of clothing or have been overspending in the holiday shops! Its actually a comfy backpack for walking but takes up no room at all in your luggage.


So, there’s no excuse to not enjoy a walk or two whilst on that beach break or to be uncomfortable on a two week walking break. It’s all down to having the right kit so get packing and enjoy the Summer!

Gill Stewart – Nordic Walking UK


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