What to wear when Nordic Walking in the Rain!

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I know it is a bit of a cliche, but there really is no such thing as the wrong weather – you just need the right clothing.  There has been a lot of rain this week so I thought it may be worth giving my top tips on keeping you and your kit dry!


A good waterproof coat is essential (with a hood) – preferably one that is breathable – although I confess mine isn’t particularly breathable but it is VERY waterproof and I keep very warm – think boil in the bag!  North Face would be a good place to look and if you want something more budget friendly, try Trespass.  The North Face | Outdoor Clothing, Backpacks & Shoes            Outdoor Clothing, Footwear & Equipment | Trespass


Waterproof trousers are also a good investment – they will not only keep you dry, but protect your leggings/trousers from mud!  Try to make sure they have zippers at the bottom so you can get them on or off without taking your shoes off!  Millets always seem to stock them but any decent outdoor shop will have something.  Again, some are more breathable than others so check before you buy – it will normally say in the product description…..Waterproof Walking Trousers | Buy Waterproof Trousers | Millets


If you don’t want waterproof trousers – gaiters are effective at keeping your lower leg dry and mud free and cover that annoying gap between your socks and your boots/shoes and stop the rain getting in…..do consider the length (some are longer than others) – the longer they are the more protection you will get.  Search for gaiters (millets.co.uk)


Time to ditch the trainers and get yourself some waterproof shoes.  It’s important to look after your waterproof shoes properly – so that they remain waterproof for as long as possible – I’ll do a separate post on this another time!  For Nordic Walking you should be looking at shoes rather than boots (to retain flexibility in your ankle) and there are lots of suitable brands out there (Salomon, Merrell, Meindl).  ON is another popular brand – I’ve struggled with them as they tend to get holes in them quite quickly – that said, they do get very heavy use so may not be a fair assessment.  A number of my clients have Saucony shoes and love them.  If you live near Tunbridge Wells head to the Running Hub in Southborough – many of my clients have received good advice and loved the walking shoes they bought from there. Independent running shop in Kent – running gear, top brands & footwear (runninghub.co.uk)


Waterproof socks are another good idea.  Sealskinz and Bridgedale are both good brands but are pricey at around £35 per pair.  I’ve just bought some Sealskinz ones and wore them for the first time today!  They felt a little strange when I put them on but were actually very comfy and kept my feet completely dry and warm (mine are the warm weather ones which are fine for Autumn and Spring when weather can be mild and wet).  I’ve a stash in the boot of my car if anyone wants to buy a pair (various sizes available). 100% Waterproof, Windproof & Breathable Socks | Sealskinz UK


My rucksack has an integrated waterproof cover that I can just pull over it in the rain.  If your rucksack doesn’t come with an integrated one you can buy generic ones that fold up small when you are not using them.  It is really useful especially if you are carrying stuff you don’t want to get wet – such as food, a purse or tissues!  deuter Rain Cover Mini (12-22L) – WALX Online Store


The other option is a drybag to go inside your rucksack.  My husband has one for watersports and at the beach but I find it useful for my first aid kit etc – you can get them in bright colours so everything is kept dry AND you can easily find it in your bag! Silva Dry Bag 6 lt – WALX Online Store


Finally – Nordic Walking Poles!  The poles will give stability when navigating slippery or muddy terrain.  You can also use them to gauge the depth of puddles!  You get what you pay for with poles so do opt for one of the recognised brands (Leki, Gabel, Exel for example) and the Walx store has a very good selection.  Buying poles is a bit of a minefield but I am always happy to talk my clients through the advantages and disadvantages of the different poles. Nordic Walking Archives – WALX Online Store


If you have the right kit there is no excuse not to go Nordic Walking in the Rain!


Note that all links are to websites that stock the products that I refer to and are meant to be examples – rather than being specific product recommendations!



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