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As we head towards to 2024, it’s a great time to think about what YOU want to achieve in the coming year – whether that’s fitness, wellbeing, practical or personal.

Why not challenge yourself in 2024 with our brand new multi-level challenge?

What does a challenge mean?

It means you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and taken on a new task. You’ve set new goals for yourself, and you’re ready to work hard to achieve them. A challenge is something that teaches you how to grow as a person. Challenges encourage personal development and are a way to work on self-improvement.

The challenges you take on test your resilience, grit, and determination because — well, they’re challenging. They aren’t supposed to be easy and accomplished without any effort.

Challenges help you discover new skills, jump into new experiences, and boost your well-being. If you’re feeling stuck in life, embracing new challenges gives you the chance to grow. New challenges can give you the confidence boost you need and encourage you to push further with your personal growth.

CHALLENGE 24 has 12 goals for the year, one for each month. 

Each goal will have 4 different levels

·       RED 

·       YELLOW 

·       GREEN 

·       BLUE


You can choose the most appropriate challenge for your fitness, ability, and circumstances. You can complete your challenges in any order and can do all of them, some of them or just a couple.

The challenge is based on honesty and integrity. To be a challenge, the goal should push you outside of your comfort zone into the growth zone. For example, if you normally walk around 20 miles in a month (red level) , you should aim to do more (yellow level).


You can view the full CHALLENGE 24 SUMMARY here.



·       All of the challenges will be announced in advance, and you will have 7 days to pledge your goal for the coming month.

·       Once you have made your pledge, you are unable to change it so plan your challenges wisely!

·       All walks must be NWW ones to count!



To sign up to CHALLENGE 24, please click here.


Once you have verified your email address, you will be added to the challenge group and ALL communications will be sent directly to that email address. After the 1st January, if you are not in the challenge group, then you will NOT receive any further communications regarding the challenge. If you sign up but don’t appear to receive any emails, please check your spam / junk mail and then contact me if you can’t find them. I will check the emails are being delivered to you.

Please note I have added the first month of reminders to our FB group but the rest of the year will be communicated via emails. This is to simplify the administrative process behind what is, a complicated challenge to run.


Frequently Asked Questions

ACTIVE 10’S – the levels for this goal are based on ACTIVE MINUTES, so the red level is 250 active minutes or 25 ACTIVE 10 segments. (when completing this challenge in 2023 most of you submitted your goal in minutes rather than segments so I have repeated that here)

Does Cassiobury Park Langley Way and Cassiobury Park Main Car Park count as two separate venues? This is YOUR challenge and is based on honesty so it’s important to read the summary document and decide for yourself. So, with this goal the summary reads “The advantage of walking from different locations is that you experience different terrain, different views and a different walk each time”. Does walking from Langley Way and the Main Car Park give you two very different experiences?

Is the SMILES goal for a month or a year? We deliver one Saturday S’Miles walk per month so this goal covers the whole year – please refer to summary document “How many Saturday S’Miles walks can you complete in the whole year?”

How do I get my Challenge Pin? Complete 8 or more challenges at the SAME level to earn your Challenge 24 pin.

Do I choose 1 different challenge per month? Yes – 12 challenges and 12 months – 1 for each month. The exception is the S’Miles walks. This is noted in the Challenge Summary document linked above.

Does the 7 days challenge mean I have to do walks on 7 consecutive days? No – the challenge as described in the challenge summary document linked above is as follows : How many different days can you walk in the month?

Please do contact me if you have any further questions and don’t forget, you have until December 31st to pledge your January goal!

Just 13 pledges in for January and it would be great to see more of you embracing Challenge 24.





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