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Last week there was a huge flurry of excitement within the Nordic Walking community around Dr Michael Mosly’s brilliant podcast “Just One Thing”.


The broadcast focuses on the concept that if time is tight, what’s the one thing that you should be doing to improve your health and well-being?

Michael Mosley reveals scientifically proven top tips to change your life and last week the focus was… yep, Nordic Walking!


The show is purposefully succinct, easy to understand and at around 15 minutes, ideal to listen to on your way to work, or the school run … or even your Nordic Walk.


Along with Dr Jennifer Reed, Dr Mosly highlights most of the amazing benefits of Nordic Walking:

·      Burns more calories

·      Uses up to 90% of the body’s muscles

·      Improves cardiovascular health

·      Benefits posture

·      Reduces pressure on the joints

·      Boosts mood and lowers anxiety

·      And anyone can do it…not just older people!


However, Nordic Walking only produces those benefits if done correctly and with good technique. So, whilst you can watch You Tube videos to get an idea of what’s involved, nothing beats learning from a professional and experienced Nordic Walking UK Instructor – that’s me!


We are trained to coach you through the technique one step at a time, identifying and correcting faults as we go. We will also advise on the best poles for you, which walks are right for you now and which to work towards in future, and also, how you can really maximise those physical and mental health benefits.


Being part of our group also offers you friendship and connection, a variety of challenges, days out and trips away, as well as special and social events.


You see Nordic Walking is not just about Nordic Walking – it’s about holistic wellbeing and being the BEST YOU CAN BE!


So put the You Tube video away and come and say hello in person.


You can find our beginners courses available to book via :


Then click on FIND A CLASS and select LEARN TO NORDIC WALK.


We hope to see you soon!





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