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Nordic Walking Watford offers a comprehensive programme of technique courses and regular GROUP WALKS all around the Watford area & surrounding countryside. We have a variety of walks to suit all levels of fitness and ability and we continue throughout the year.

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    ALL EXERCISE HABITS ARE GOOD, RIGHT? Making exercise a regular part of your routine or “habit” is key to being successful in the pursuit of fitness. And it takes time for something to become a habit – that action or behaviour that we do automatically and regularly, without consciously thinking about doing it. Your brain […]

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    NEW YEAR WALK PROGRAMME   I am currently working on putting together our WALK PROGRAMME for the first few weeks of January 2022, as well as some of our key dates throughout the year. As always we will have some fabulous special events, challenges, and weekends away coming up throughout the year so do watch […]

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    STATS FOR OCTOBER October has been full of glorious Autumn days – crunching through leaves on our woodland walks, it kicked off with ouR fabulous CHESS VALLEY CHALLENGE and finished with some spooky goings-on in the East Lane Cemetary We had a total of 91 of you enjoying walks with us throughout OCTOBER and 6 […]

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    Walking together with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone the light

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    Meet the Team

    Tracy Reeve

    Role: Lead Instructor and Business Owner

    Tracy is an accredited Instructor and Delivery Partner for Nordic Walking UK. She is the owner of Nordic Walking Watford and delivers TECHNIQUE courses and leads regular walks, both during the week and at weekends.

    Tracy says

    Having had two children and several courses of treatment for Breast Cancer, I started 2015 at an all-time low in terms of fitness and wellbeing. I knew I wanted to get back into regular exercise but was struggling to find something that would work for me. I stumbled across Nordic Walking, liked the idea of exercising outdoors and booked my course… I was hooked!

    Fast forward to 2019, and I am fitter than I have been for a long time, a few stone lighter and loving Nordic Walking! I now enjoy taking part in endurance walking and successfully completed the iconic Race to the Stones in July 2016, Race to the King and the Purbeck Marathon in 2017 and the Yorkshire Three Peaks in 2018.

    I firmly believe that Nordic Walking has something to offer everyone – from those who haven’t exercised for some time through to those who train regularly. As a Nordic Walking Instructor, I aim to encourage and inspire people to get active through Nordic Walking and realise the many benefits it can bring.

    Our walks are always enjoyable, even on a rainy day, and the members of our group are very supportive and encouraging of each other.

    Gary Ansell

    Role: Instructor

    Gary is an accredited NWUK Instructor and will be teaching our Power of Poles technique courses as well as leading some of his own group walks.

    Gary is First Aid trained.

    Gary says:

    I’ve always loved walking and have particularly fond memories of two treks in the Annapurna region in Nepal, one to Annapurna Base Camp where we reached an elevation of 13,500ft which was literally breath-taking!

    I took up Nordic Walking in November 2017. My wife and I had been searching for a way to keep us fit that we could both share and enjoy. I had suffered a back injury the previous year and not being gym-types, Nordic Walking looked to be an ideal way to keep moving and sure enough, after completing our course, we’ve not looked back.

    With Nordic Walking Watford, even though I am Watford born and bred, I’ve discovered so many beautiful places that I didn’t realise are right here on our doorstep in Hertfordshire. As part of Nordic Walking UK I’ve been able to walk with other groups in Chichester, Dorset, the Peak District and Yorkshire to name but a few.

    In April 2021, I qualified as a Nordic Walk Instructor and enjoy teaching Nordic Walking and assisting Tracy Reeve at Nordic Walking Watford.

    I’m not really one for walking too much on my own so the social aspect of walking in groups has been a real benefit and at the same time I’m getting just the right level of exercise I want, outside in the fresh air with wonderful countryside to look at. What more could one want?

    Cathryn Barnett

    Role: Business Administrator

    Cathryn is our Nordic Walking Watford administrator.

    Cathryn says:


    I started Nordic Walking in January 2018; the main reason for learning was to keep fit for my then 11-year-old daughter.  Once I completed the four-week course I very quickly ordered my poles and joined walks on Friday and Sunday mornings and became a regular walker from then.  On those sunny but very cold days in January 2018 I had not appreciated what a lovely sociable team I was joining or that I would make such good friends for life.


    I recently retired from an IT role and am now extremely pleased to be the team administrator being responsible for venue planning, event organisation, general enquiries, social media, and advertising etc.


    I will also now have time to join more of the walks – win, win 😊


    Ann Saffery

    Role: Walk Leader

    Ann is an accredited NWUK Leader, and will mainly be leading the Tuesday evening and Friday evening walks but may provide occasional cover for any of the other walks.
    First Aid trained.
    Ann says: “Having taken up Nordic walking in June 2014 with my husband, in an effort to get fitter and lose some weight, we have achieved both goals and now thoroughly enjoy regular walks in the evenings and at weekends.  The variety of Wellbeing, Workout and Adventure routes has kept us coming back for more and I was pleased to have the opportunity to train as a walk leader with NWUK.  The dark evenings and cold weather hasn’t put either of us off, but we do look forward to spring and summer when we can get back into the fields and woodlands – there is so much countryside on our doorstep!  With a sedentary day job and not getting any younger, Nordic Walking has proved to be an ideal exercise routine and social activity. Why not come and join us? You will love it!”


    Fiona Prior

    Role: Walk Leader

    Fiona is an accredited NWUK Leader, and will mainly be leading walks during school holidays, but may provide occasional cover for any of the other Adventure walks too.

    First Aid trained.

    Fiona says…

    ‘I bought some poles a few years ago on the recommendation of my brother. “You’ll love it!” he said. Well this year 2015 at Easter I finally took them out of the cupboard and signed up for Jane’s course. And yes, he was right, I do love Nordic Walking. It’s wonderful getting out into the countryside and seeing parts of the area I never knew existed. I really enjoy the social element and I know I wouldn’t go as far or as fast without the company, never mind going out in the dark. I took part in my first Nordic Walking event in November 2015 and amazed myself by completing the 20km challenge. I’m fitter and happier because of Nordic Walking. Great idea little bro!’


    Caroline Eldred

    Role: Walk Leader

    Caroline is an accredited NWUK Leader and will mainly be leading the Sunday Adventure Walks, but will be providing cover for other Adventure walks when needed.

    Caroline is First Aid trained


    Kallie Lees

    Role: Walk Leader

    Kallie is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be providing occasional cover for a variety of walks.
    First Aid trained.
    Kallie says…

    After returning from a stint of traveling overseas, I decided to make more of the wonderful outdoors the UK has to offer. I climbed Snowdon in 2014 and was thirsty for more. I signed up to the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge for July 2015, which required regular training and I stumbled across Nordic walking. One taster session and I knew it was for me and I haven’t looked back.

    I also started running in late 2015 and found Nordic walking a great cross training exercise to that which helped my endeavour to run the London Marathon in 2018. I have Nordic walked my way through a 20km event 2015, Race to the stones 2016, NWUK Purbeck marathon & Scafell Pike 2017, the Yorkshire 3 peaks and the iconic Dales Way 2018.

    As well as the obvious physical health benefits, it has been lovely to connect & socialise with like-minded people. Whatever your fitness goal, large or small, Nordic Walking is fabulous for mind, body & soul. I hope to see you out there!



    Jackie Holden

    Role: Yoga Teacher

    Jackie has been with Nordic Walking Watford since its inception in 2012 and is a regular and experienced Nordic Walker with us.

    Jackie is also a qualified YOGA instructor of some 25 years and now delivers virtual ZOOM yoga classes with Nordic Walking Watford. Yoga – the perfect partner exercise to Nordic Walking – is an ancient form of exercise, originating in India about 5,000 years ago, that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

    The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.

    Yoga compliments Nordic Walking perfectly in providing a strong core and balance concept.


    Joanne Lewis

    Role: Walk Leader

    Joanne is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Joanne is First Aid trained.

    Joanne says:

    With very elderly dogs that could no longer cope with long walks, I was finding it hard to motivate myself to go out walking alone, and I have always preferred exercising outdoors – whatever the weather.  In July 2019, my husband booked us both onto Tracy’s course as a surprise for me.

    One year later, and July 2020 now sees me being a walk leader. A year ago I could never have imagined that! In such a short space of time, I have made some really wonderful friends and met such interesting people. Everyone is so supportive of each other’s exercise aims. I enjoy all the walks and being surrounded by such lovely scenery. Whether walking in the Alps, or Hertfordshire – I just love walking!


    Heather Constance

    Role: Walk Leader

    Heather is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Heather is First Aid trained.


    Lyn Emerson

    Role: Walk Leader

    Lyn is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Lyn is First Aid trained.

    Lyn says:


    Back in 2015 I was heading towards retirement and looking for a pastime to do with others while keeping active. Look no further than Nordic Walking, plenty of exercise outdoors with good company, and some great coffee venues. Nordic Walking has opened my eyes to so many different places on our doorsteps to enjoy and has opened up lots of new friends to share the walks with.


    Liz Newman

    Role: Walk Leader

    Liz is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Liz is First Aid trained.

    Liz says:

    I have been with NWW for 6 years now and have recently become a backmarker and walk leader.  I love Nordic walking and being outdoors in the beautiful countryside. It is a great way to exercise and my fitness has definitely improved. We are a friendly group, who enjoys a good chat along the way and socialising over a coffee after the walk. There is always someone to encourage and motivate you when you really don’t think you will make it up that hill – I know I have been there many times and there’s a great sense of achievement when you do reach the top! So come and join us, you won’t look back.

    Catherine Mountford

    Role: Walk Leader

    Catherine is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Catherine is First Aid trained.

    Tina Kelly

    Role: Walk Leader

    Tina is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Tina is First Aid trained.

    Laura Furlong

    Role: Walk Leader

    Laura is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Laura is First Aid trained.

    Laura says:

    I was introduced to the idea of Nordic walking by Anne when I met her in a pub at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago. I signed up for the training and was hooked. I loved discovering the life-enhancing benefit of being outdoors, the scenery ( I’m a “big sky” fanatic ), and being shown where to go by a walk leader.

    Over the years I realised I had made some good friends, and looked forward to the simple joy of meeting up in a group for a Nordic walk and a chat. To also have increased my fitness and stamina is an added bonus. So now I’m excited to have made the leap to backmarker and walk leader, especially enabling more people to be able to get out and walk.


    Lesley Frankish

    Role: Walk Leader

    Lesley is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

    Lesley is First Aid trained.

    Lesley says:

    Back in 2015, with my daughter leaving home to go to University,  I was looking for something to do for me and came across an advert in the local paper for Nordic Walking Watford; as I’ve always enjoyed walking I signed up for the Learn To course and was hooked.

    What’s not to enjoy about a walk, and natter followed by coffee,  whilst keeping fit and exploring the local area?

    Alison Stockwell

    Role: Walk Leader and Mountain Leader

    Alison has a wealth of walking experience under her belt. Alison is first aid trained and a qualified Mountain Leader.

    Alison says:

    I have been passionate about outdoor activities all my life and I gave up my desk job in 2019 to spend more time pursuing those interests.  I’m qualified as a mountain leader and usually spend my summers leading treks in the Alps. I also teach navigation and climbing and do DofE and Scout work. I took up Nordic Walking in 2019 because it’s a natural extension to those activities, and it’s fun.


    from members of Nordic Walking Watford

    Nordic Walking is the perfect Mindfulness Practice

    Nordic Walking is the perfect mindfulness practice!

    And no matter what is happening in my life, a Nordic Walk ALWAYS makes me feel better and enables my mind to switch off and reset




    It’s just perfect for head, body & soul!

    Nordic Walking gives me an exercise outlet to burn off my day’s stress, working as hard as feel I need to in the beauty & variety that the great outdoors provides - which I love - and the added benefit of walking with a group.

    It’s like having an army of friends (or therapists) that are always on hand!

    It’s just perfect for head, body & soul - I wouldn’t be without it.




    Nordic walking makes me happy!

    Nordic walking makes me happy, keeps me fit, has helped me appreciate the outdoors and, more importantly, I've met some brilliant people that I now call friends.



    I am the person I am today because of Nordic Walking

    I can’t think of the words to describe what Nordic Walking has done for me, and can do for you.

    Simply put, I am the person I am today because of it and because of the brilliant people I walk with.

    THANK YOU Nordic Walking Watford



    Fresh air and a full-body workout

    Fresh air and a full-body workout with very friendly leaders and walkers!

    What more could you ask for?



    Yoga Nordic Walks

    I loved the new Yoga Walk!

    It was so relaxing and calming - and felt quite liberating being able to feel the elements and connect with nature. Looking forward to next week!


    I LOVE IT!

    I lost my passion for learning during lockdown.

    Nordic Walking has helped me find to again - I LOVE IT!


    NWW Boots and Books Club

    I loved your book club recommendation in 2020, The Salt Path, by Raynor Winn.

    I wanted to let you know that my husband, my Leki poles and I walked the South West Coastal Path during June and July this year, covering over 630 miles!

    I wanted to thank you for recommending this inspirational book, and for inspiring me to do more walking!


    Everyone is so friendly!

    I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays walk and thank you for helping me with my technique.

    It was my first coffee and chat afterwards too and that was just lovely - everyone is so friendly


    Excellent Challenge Event

    Excellent walk and excellent company.

    Thank you so much for organising the Chess Valley Challenge event.


    Great for all abilities

    Tracy was very good - both patient and informative and included every one of all abilities.


    Great fun!

    A great fun course with a knowledgable and enthusiastic instructor.


    Highly recommend!

    The team are very welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend Nordic Walking for both fitness and social interaction.


    I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner's course!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner's course. Tracy is very patient in explaining the technique.


    Nordic Walking and Bronchiectasis

    I really enjoy my Nordic Walking with helpful instructors and friendly members to support me. Although I don't go as often as some other members, I try to walk at least once a week as this has helped my health. I have Bronchiectasis and would frequently suffer from chest infections but since walking regularly I have been clear of infection for over a year. Thank you ladies

    Jean Gray, 77