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Never underestimate the way walking with poles WILL turn your walk into a workout.  In order for you to enjoy your walk, all our walks are graded according to Gear which keeps everyone moving at the right pace for them. We aim to keep moving throughout the session (NOT stop, start, wait, stop, start, wait)  to keep the pace going.  Remember, you can always ‘graduate’ to faster walks once you get into your Nordic Stride. 

As a rule of thumb:

Gear 2+/ Gear 2-3 is strenuous and action packed for those who like a brisk (HILLY) session

Gear 2 is a consistent pace where we cover 3 miles in the hour – EXPECT HILLS

Gear 1- 2 we aim for 2.5 miles per session but throw in optional challenges

Gear 1 is a gentler walk – but we will offer ‘optional speed bursts’ to raise the heart rate


At Norfolk Nordic Walking we offer a variety of GREAT walks in FANTASTIC locations.  Some are faster than others.  Some are better for beginners and others for those who like a longer leg stretch.  

So, here’s our definitive guide of what’s on offer at Norfolk Nordic Walking…and which walks will suit YOU! 

Wellbeing Walks:

Suitable for beginners and those who want a gentle pace.  Terrain mostly flat. Gear 1 with Gear 2 challenges. We aim for 2 miles per walk.

Thursday Catton Park 10am

‘Pick Your Pace’ Walks: 

These classes are suitable for most fitness levels who like a Gear 1 -2 pace where the terrain is diverse.  We will enjoy regular stops to admire the views. We aim for 2.5 miles per walk. Expect occasional hills but also a ‘pit stop’ at the top! 

Monday Whitlingham 11.15am

Tuesday Whitlingham 10am  

‘Adventure’ Walks:

These classes are suitable for all Gear 2 fitness levels.  Hills often feature on these walks. We aim for 3 miles per walk and keep it pacy and brisk. 

Monday Whitlingham 10.15am

Tuesday High Ash Farm 9.30am 

Thursday UEA 9.15am 

Thursday Mousehold 11.30am

Friday Dunston Common 10.15am

Workout Walks:

The class speed will be brisk and fast. Hills and High Intensity Intervals feature on these walks.  You need to be a confident walker who enjoys pushing up from Gear 2 – Gear 3.

Monday Whitlingham 9.15am

Tuesday High Ash Farm 8.30am

Friday Dunston Common 9.30am

Longer Adventure/Stamina Walks:

Usually 4.5 – 6 milers in various locations.  You need to be able to walk consistently in Gear 2. This class is suitable for most Gear 2+ fitness levels who can walk the distances but the terrain will vary.  

Wednesday Blickling Hall 10am (moderate/fast pace)

Wednesday Whitwell & Reepham Station – Marriott’s Way (moderate pace)

Saturday / Sunday VARIOUS LOCATIONS 9.45am (moderate/steady pace)


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