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We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break with much festive cheer.  If you like me are feeling ready to embrace 2023-  look no further than here!  We have just the ticket to boost the winter endorphins, drop a jean size, feel full of energy, have a giggle  and embrace the darker months…even when it’s grey and raining outside.  It’s quite simply called Nordic Walking which is not only a total body workout but is truly something that will help keep you fit, happy and active for the rest of your life.

Here are our TOP TEN reasons why we LOVE IT:

1.  It’s enjoyable – and anyone can be good at it!
There are many things in life that we have to do because we are told to or ought to.  Exercise should not be one of them.  Nordic walking is simply a good walk made doubly effective by adding poles and clever technique and enjoyment is a key benefit for our Nordic walkers.

Exercising in the fresh air, the feeling of fitness and wellbeing it gives us, the places it takes us to, the people we meet, the non-competitive nature of it and the ability to be good at it even (especially) if you’re not the ‘sporty’ type are part what makes Nordic walking so unique. 

2.  Helps with weight loss
Nordic walking is energy thirsty. You burn 45% more calories Nordic walking than ordinary walking. This is because Nordic walking brings many more muscles into play than ordinary walking – your chest, arms, shoulders, abs and other core muscles are all involved as well as your legs.  Plus the poles propel you forwards helping you walk faster, raising your heart rate and expending energy. What’s not to like?

3.  Tones your muscles and helps keep your bones strong
Muscles need to be worked to stay in good shape and Nordic walking works over 90% of them. Wow! Public Health England specifically recommends Nordic walking as a muscle and bone strengthening and balance activity.  It tones your legs, sculpts your arms, cinches your waist and tightens your core.  Its weight bearing nature and the added resistance provided by the poles also helps improve bone health and strength.

4.  Protects your hip and knee joints + IMPROVED POSTURE
Those of our walkers with sore hips or knees frequently tell us how good Nordic walking is for easing the stress on their lower body.  Research supports this. It was not just hips and knees, the lumber spine and ankles also benefited.  Improved posture through Nordic walking, as well as taking some of the load off the lower body through the poles, clearly has huge benefits for your joints.

5.  Strengthens your heart and lungs
Nordic walking gets your heart rate up.  Much more so than regular walking.  It also makes you puffed because you’re walking faster and using more muscles.  The benefits of exercise for your heart and lungs are well documented.  Amongst other things it helps lower blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and keeps your arteries clear.

6.  Boosts your circulation
All exercise if done at a sufficiently intense level improves circulation because it increases the rate at which blood is pumped round the body.  However Nordic walking has added benefits.  The technique encourages active feet, a full arm swing, and squeezing and opening the hands round the pole.  All of which boosts circulation, particularly the efficient return of blood back to the heart.

7.  Improves your lymph drainage
The lymphatic system is hugely important.  It helps to protect us from infection and disease and is a vital part of our immune system.  We have clusters of lymph nodes all over our body including under our armpits and Nordic walking helps these in particular to function properly through its emphasis on good posture, correct breathing and a full arm swing.

8.  Mental wellbeing
Exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety and it’s even more effective when done in a green environment. No surprises here – nature is intrinsically good for the spirit. Not only is Nordic walking outdoors, it’s also a social activity – another stress buster, mood enhancer and friendship creator.  You’re literally and metaphorically moving forwards.

9.  Explore new places
Whether it’s new Saturday venues, fresh local walk routes or trips further afield, Nordic walking is a gateway for exploring.  The poles provide support and the technique promotes good posture giving you the confidence and stamina to tackle challenges that you’d never thought possible.  We now have over 20 Norfolk Nordic Walkers who have competed in Half Marathons and 18 Mile Walk Challenges – a feat they never thought possible until they joined us.

10.  It’s addictive!

It’s such a friendly and fun way to keep fit. The more you do, the fitter you feel. The fitter you feel, the better you feel.  The better you feel – the more active you become. And you want to then hurl yourselves up the hills at High Ash or try a faster workout walk. Nordic walking can turbo boost fitness and inspire you to take on challenges you never thought possible.  (Anyone up for the September Coastal Half Marathon. Look no further as we will be there……)

…The good news is, at NORFOLK NORDIC WALKING we have got all this covered with an extensive range of walks and workouts each and every week to keep us all fit and motivated throughout these chilly winter months and beyond when we look to Bluebell Season!  All you need to do is book up and join in.  

Lynne, Becky and I are looking forward to seeing you out there and making more fantastic memories in the year to come! We start up on Wednesday 4th January and it’s all systems GO! GO! GO for 2023…

Bring it on!

Rebecca 🙂


It may sound silly but if it’s bucketing down and your waterproofs are leaky, you will get damp and feel miserable.  Invest in a decent waterproof jacket and shoes with a good grip.  Layer up and avoid bulky clothing where possible.   (My go-to throughout winter are my waterproof socks AND gaiters.)

That way, i promise you will positively embrace a rainy walk!

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