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I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop this morning in such glorious sunshine. I had almost forgotten how invigorating Nordic walking can be. It was really helpful to be reminded of all that we need to do to make walking more effective particularly pole positioning and walking with straight arms.

Many thanks to you and Carole for your guidance and I look forward to joining you on a walk sometime soon.




Good to have complementary technique workshop

Good to get advice on clothing and preparation of equipment

Good to be reminded on how to go up and down hills



Thank you for organizing the technique workshop last Saturday.

I found my video very beneficial in showing what I was doing wrong, poles not held into my sides, not standing up straight and looking like I was out for a stroll rather than an energizing walk. I can’t blame it all on my hip issues! Plenty to think about and hopefully utilize during my post op recovery.



I found this session very productive. Videoing beforehand showed up the flaws in my technique – I thought I was already swinging my arms forward but I could see that I needed to extend even further and push down with a tap.

Practising the correct technique was quite different and I felt the muscles in my arms working more.

Also adjusting the length of the poles marginally made a difference to my placement.

Having a walk immediately afterwards gave the opportunity to practise further while still fresh.

I would highly recommend this workshop.

Sue B

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