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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

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Thomas Curties

Walk Description:

From the meeting point near marker 5 and car park symbol set off on tarmac road at slow walk and talk rising to Gear 1 south taking a left hand trail on Rocklands Lane after about 200m towards Gate 2.Passing through Gate 2 onto a track road at Gear 1 for another 100m to the entry sign to Hastings Country park Fish Trail marker post and map to an area of open grass on East Hill.Mobility exercises.Main1. Taking the North track East on East Hill in Gear 1 walk and talk. Gentle downhill on grasstowards the Beacon and top of the Funicular Railway with stunning views of the English Channel and Hastings Old Town.2. Heading West from the beacon on the South trail starting a steady steepening incline –intervals Gear 1 to Gear 2 Crocodile.3. Back onto Rocklands Lane gear 1 towards Barley Lane car park through kissing gate next to pay point. Steep soil track down hill with some earth banked steps.4. At the next junction (7) turn west to the left track on a steady incline through woodland with Eccelsbourne Reservoir on the left. 5. Passing through the south side of Wet Wood turning right at junction 9 a short steep uneven track to open fields and on to the Barn Pond junction (10) – double poling.6. Views to coastguard cottage Fairlight. Traverse the flat field in minimum Gear 2 cover the ground as fast as they can in good form trying for Gear 4can do squats or propped push ups on gate until until everyone arrives.7. Gentle downhill track – faster clients sent back and catch up drills.8. Left at junction to Barley Lane. Gear 2 or Gear 4 – racers can head on to Fishponds Farm at Gate 3 and walk back to rejoin main group. From Gate three decelerate to gear 1 – layer up if need be.9. Continue south on Barley Lane to Shearbarn Holiday Park – Entering the playing fields opposite at Tackleway for the cool down.10. Dispersal from here, or use of if the Retreat café and toilets if they are open for use or clients could walk down to Historic Hastings Old Town approximately 10 minute walk for Public toilets, cafes, pubs and restaurants.