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Total Body WALX

Price: £6.00

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WALX Preston

Walk Description:

Join Matt for a mix of nordic walking, hills plus drills and exercises designed to keep you strong, supple and increase stamina.

This one-hour session is suitable for all levels as Matt will make sure you work at your own pace.

A mix of hills, strength, cardio and some speedhyking techniques will be included.

These WALX make every step count! Total Body walking™ is a unique mix of drills, strength exercises, the use of nordic walking poles and other innovative fitness walking kit to help target the upper body too. Delivered by our fully qualified Instructors who will plan WALX that work on all aspects of fitness and make the most of being outdoors!  

If you are not a lover of gyms or exercise, then you will love our focus on fresh air fitness fun. It will do you the power of good, for the mind, body and soul.    

Total Body Walx are great if you are finding your fitness levels are improving beyond the speed and distance covered in our Explorer Walx and Nordic Walx. Feel free to discuss with your instructor about your own goals and aspirations with regards your fitness, health and wellbeing.  


WALX speed guide:

Gentle stroll - Gear 1/2 - A nice pace that you can do for extended periods. 2-2.5mph (these generally are our Well Being walks)

Easy walk - Gear 2 -Slightly faster pace gained through technique. Expect Gear 2 at times throughout the walk. 2.5mph. (these are generally a crossover of our wellbeing and moderate walks)

Moderate walk - Gear 2/3 - Faster again using technique and with less recovery. 2.5mph-3mph+ (these are generally our Workout walks and longer Adventure walks)

Strenuous walk - Gear 3/4 – Adding more speed through technique and intensity, intervals, speedhyking.  


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Keep track of your escapades by joining our FB group "1000 Friends Nordic Walking" using this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1596947370605089/



Whilst we do understand that sometimes it is not possible to make a class, please be aware that we do operate a no refund policy if you give us less than 2 hours’ notice, please do not self-refund within this time. Any refund will be at the discretion of Matthew Gibbs.

Please make sure that you wear suitable clothing and footwear for the time of year and bring a drink with you in a small rucksack and a little cash for a drink afterwards.

You are asked to contact your WALX master or Coach by phone, leaving a voicemail or sending an sms text to the number below, if you are likely to be delayed as we do start promptly.

Matthew Gibbs – 07530 813225  


Your WALX Master is trained to deliver the Nordic Walking UK FREEDOM programme – learn how to use the strapped poles which mirror to training techniques of cross-country skiers. This 2-session workshop also leads to the NWUK Passport and access to over 2000 nordic walx a week.