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Wellness WALX - Virtual

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WALX Leamington And Warwick

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Our Virtual WALX are online, helping you stay active and mobile from home. Join us to get moving, raise your heart rate and improve your balance and strength. These sessions are designed to fit easily into your day so there`s no excuse to get up and going – come and join us.


Walx Wellbeing and Balance

This session is ideal for those who have and need to improve their balance and range of mobility. This session is inclusive to everyone and is in particular for those with ongoing medical conditions. We cover a range of exercises both seated and standing and for many clients these sessions have been life changing. 

The programme we use is recognised by physiotherapist and Parkinson’s UK This session is a non impact session and is focusing on muscular strength and balance.

If you do not have a set of poles alternative and effective exercise can be delivered as effectively Equipment Chair Mat (optional)



You will  need the ZOOM APP

HOW TO JOIN:- Setting up online - Zoom Just click on the meeting link below and follow the instructions to set up the software or download the app. If you haven’t used Zoom before, just give yourself 10mins before the meeting to set yourself up, or try to enter the meeting any time before we start so you are happy with the process and then just come back for the class start time – come back to this email to use the same meeting link. (You can also see a 90secs instructional video here: