Activity: Explore High Lodge, Thetford Forest

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Pace: Medium

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Intensity: Low

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Gradient: Very Low

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Explorer WALX

Price: £6.00

  • Only 6 places remaining!
  • Distance: 3 Miles
  • Date: Sat 30th December
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Name: High Lodge - Thetford Forest
  • Address: High Lodge, Thetford
  • W3W: consumed.digit.immune
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Main Instructor:

Pippa Bird

Walk Description:

Walkers must bring their own poles for this activity, if using them, along with a face mask and hand sanitiser.  

We are adhering to strict Covid-19 protocol.  Please do not book on for a WALX if you think you may have symptoms, do have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms.  Bring your own drink along with you for the end of the walk if you wish.

Please ensure your PARQ is up to date and notify us in writing if you have any change to your medical records or physical or mental wellbeing. This should include any surgery, falls, knocks or accidents.

Parking charges do apply.

Location Notes:

Participants of these Nordic Walking sessions will receive a discounted parking rate of £1.00. This discounted rate will range from point of entry to 45 minutes after the session has ended. If you opt to remain on site after the allotted timeframe the full parking charges will apply