Activity: Northam Nature Trail

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Hosted By:

Ruth McMeechan

Walk Description:

We’ll kick start our senses (and our body) with a warm up in the hotel car park before getting into our stride by taking the lane down to the river’s edge. We will continue to follow the river along a private road (Cleave Quay) at a leisurely pace (while for the more active members of the group they will move through the gears in preparation for what is to come.  At the end of the road we will enter a wooded area and follow a well-trodden path to the entrance of Burrough Farm where some will have a wee rest while the more active members of the group will have the opportunity to undertake the hill climb challenge and practice their uphill/downhill walking techniques (this will not only get the blood flowing around the body but will burn off those unwanted calories) to the sound of the birds singing in the trees.  Having taken on some water and allowed the body to rest a little, we will continue along the wooded path at an easy pace high above the river bank. The path eventually winds itself down to the river’s edge before once again climbing up to the edge of Burrough farm. Here we have options depending on the group needs: Option 1.     We will continue to follow the tree covered path until we reach the edge of a housing estate on Windmill lane where we will once again enter the National Trust area, passing through allotments and a small orchard to the Northam leisure centre before winding our way back along the main road to the meeting place. Option 2.     As above but we can incorporate various Nordic walking techniques in the allotments while burning off more calories. Option 3.     Instead of heading back Via the allotments we will continue to follow the trail alongside the river until we meet the lane leading up to ‘Bloody Corner’ and then follow the main road back to the meeting place. Option 4.     The penultimate option is only for the most energetic of walkers and takes us along the river past the shipyard and onto Wooda road before once again returning via the main road or back onto the river’s edge via Bloody Corner and retrace our steps to the meeting place. Option 5. The final option is to combine any of the above walks until we venture down to the Northam burrows via gates 2/3, across the golf course and exit via gates 2/3 and make our way back through Northam to the start point.

All routes finish at the meeting place for the cool down and that well-earned “pick me up” experience.

Location Notes:

Durrant Hotel offers free parking, refreshments and facilities