Activity: ZOOM: Thursday 9am Wake Up

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Wellness WALX - Virtual

Price: £5.00

  • Distance: Online
  • Date: Thu 11th January
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Location Name: Online - we're in Hampstead; you're at home
  • Address: Online - we're in Hampstead; you're at home
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Main Instructor:

Martin Christie

Hosted By:

Martin Christie

Walk Description:


Our Zoom classes are designed to get you up and moving each morning. Each session includes mobility, balance, strength, aerobic exercise and flexibility. All done within 30 minutes!


Warm up and mobilise 15 minutes of 12-15 exercises. This section is suitable for all abilities as options are given for each exercise Cool down and stretch

You should be dressed to move comfortably, and need to ensure you are wearing footwear with a good grip. You will need to have space around you to turn without breaking your family crockery!

Location Notes:

When we deliver our Virtual WALX, we're at home. All our outdoor WALX run from The Spaniards Inn.