Activity: 10.30 am Introduction to Nordic Walking with the Power of Poles induction Course: Delamere Forest

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WALX - Power of Poles Intro Course

Price: £20.00

  • Only 10 places remaining!
  • Distance: 1 Miles
  • Date: Sun 17th December
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Name: Delamere Forest Forest Centre Carpark by the visitors centre cafe
  • Address: 2 Lynmere Cottages, Delamere, Northwich CW8 2JD, UK
  • W3W: troubled.consults.oils
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Main Instructor:

Elizabeth Kerley

Walk Description:

 The POWER of POLES Induction is totally unique in that it explores the use of both strapless and Nordic walking poles to aid the user gain the best technique and results! It’s fast, highly effective and really comprehensive. This course will help you select the right kind of poles and use them for health,  fitness, fun or challenges.

Broken into two 1.5 hour sessions, (the second being optional), this course will ensure you get the correct movement and techniques from the start and progress to part  two to gain more advanced skills The second part of the Power of Poles will be listed separately  at a convenient date for you.

Please bring a drink, your mobile phone any medications you may need in a small rucksack. 

Clothing should be appropriate for weather conditions with gloves, warm hats in colder conditions, sun hats, sunscreen, insect repellent in hot conditions. Footwear should have a flexible sole if possible

Please do not book on for a  group WALX if you do have  covid symptoms .Thank you for your understanding.   

Car parking Fees apply at Forest Centre, Tree Tops, Old Pale and  Whitefield carparks or become a member of Delamere Forest for an annual fee of £72.00 and carparking fees are is included in that price. CLICK HERE



Location Notes:

Meet in Forest centre Carpark by the cafe.. Car parking charges apply. My discounted carparking charges no longer apply with the new number plate recognition. There are toilets here