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 NORDIC Workout Walks

Price: £6.00

  • Distance: 3 Miles
  • Date: Sat 27th January
  • Time: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Location Name: Sandringham
  • Address: adj Visitor Centre, Sandringham, Norfolk PE35, UK
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Walk Description:

The majority of our walks take place in the extensive grounds of Sandringham Estate Park and Wolferton/Dersingham bog. These grounds are beautiful and offer something for everyone.

If this is your first visit to Sandringham please let me know because I`ll walk over to the visitors centre to meet you.

The vast majority of my walks are workout walks and these are at 3 levels.

1. Easy 2. Moderate 3. progressive. Normally I combine the first 2 and use basic loops and call backs if there is a great variation of abilities.

In our workout walks we will use various techniques to increase and reduce the intensity as is appropriate to the level of the participants so it will never be too hard for you to do.

we use interval training, pyramid sets and other training techniques to give you short bursts of intensity using our 4 tier gear system and double poling.

In the progressive sessions we will also use bounding and skipping and sometimes running (Speedhyking)

I do longer 2 hour sessions at easy to moderate level and another at progressive. These are Adventure walks which means they maintain a steady pace throughout albeit faster in the progressive session. These sessions usually include Dersingham Bog which entails crossing a main road and climbing over a fence. 2 hour sessions without the necessity to climb over the fence can be arranged if that is problematic. Just let me know.

I also do a ten miler on Tuesdays which is speedhyking - running with poles. The amount of running we do will vary from week to week. Please call me before booking into this one. This is for runners and ultra runners and is very strenuous.

Location Notes:

This is the beautiful Country Park which forms part of the Royal estate. Much of it is wooded with some open areas with many miles of narrow and wide paths ideal for many hours of Nordic Walking