Activity: Mockbegger walk

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  • Distance: 5 Miles
  • Date: Wed 17th April
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Name: Mockbegger New Forest (CP)
  • Address: unnamed road, Ibsley, BH24 3NH, United Kingdom
  • W3W: coach.drummers.list
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Main Instructor:

Chris Pole

Hosted By:

Chris Pole

Walk Description:

Walking from the village of Ibsley the route goes up a lane so paws suggested for this short section. We then turn right and go along a track with Blashford lakes to one side.

This walk is just over 5 miles.

Climbing up a short hill we reach the forest heathland. From here downhill into the valley then a long walk on a track along the valley floor.

A short steep climb up to Ibsley Common with the option to visit the Huff Duff.

This is the site of a High Frequency Direction Finding station used in the second world war. There are history boards here and at the military bunker a short walk away.

There is also information about a cat who played a special part during the war.

The panoramic views are 360 degrees of the New Forest and surrounding areas.

Robin Hood's clump of 18 Scots pines are in a circular enclosure. English Heritage think this is the site of a disc barrow and it may be that the trees have been planted on a pre-existing site.

Passing Whitefield plantation and the trig point, then down to the road we started out on. 

Nearby, Moyles Court school dates from the 17th century when it was a manor house of the Lisle family. In 1685 70 year old Alice Lisle was sentenced and beheaded. She harboured two rebels opposed to James 11. The house was confiscated by the crown but eventually returned to the Lisle family in 1688. Alice is buried in Ellingham church and the pub in her name is just down the road from here.

During world war 2 the house was used as a station HQ for nearby RAF Ibsley airfield.

Hockeys farm shop/cafe is a two minute drive away. The cafe serves excellent food. Toilets in a separate building near the carpark.

On Wed a fish stall comes to Hockeys which is well worth a visit.

In the autumn look out for the roaming pannage pigs after the acorns!


Location Notes:

Park on the side of the road by the posts.Opposite the white chapel. (Crosslanes Chapel) Nearest toilets/coffee etc a two minute drive at Hockeys farm shop/cafe.