Activity: WALX HQ Presents... Yoga WALX with Gilly

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Wellness WALX - Virtual

Price: £5.00

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Main Instructor:

Gilly Vincent (HQ)

Hosted By:

Gilly Vincent (HQ)

Walk Description:


The "WALX HQ Presents ..." sessions are delivered online from WALX & Nordic Walking UK head office, helping you stay active and mobile from home. All sessions are FREE for those on a monthly payment package with their local instructor.

If you are a regular to this class but can't make one of the sessions, you can see a pre-recorded class here: Just ask Gilly for the password when you are next in her class.

Yoga WALX incorporates gentle Hatha Yoga positions and breathing focus, usually within an outdoor walk. This session is virtual and works through the positions and breathing elements, delivered by Gilly. As this programme is designed to be delivered outdoors, there are no floor based exercises, and the positions can be done with or without poles.

Hatha Yoga originates from Raja Yoga. The sanskrit word ‘Ha’ means sun (and left) and ‘tha’ means moon (and right). Hatha Yoga evolved as a physical practice to balance your energy by performing difference postures (asanas) and controlling the breath. There are many benefits to this, with the key benefits relating to enhancing an individual’s focus and control. Eliminating external distractions, working towards comfort. 

If you are new to Yoga you will enjoy Gilly’s relaxed style of teaching as you learn the postures and breathing techniques.

Location Notes:

Virtual location for zoom sessions.