Activity: Home Weights Workout

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Price: £5.00

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Main Instructor:

Denise Page

Hosted By:

Denise Page

Walk Description:

For the Home Weights workout all you need is something you can hold in your hands to use as an added resistance. It could be a set of weights or dumb-bells, alternatively you could use washing softener bottles or plastic milk bottles filled with water. You could use wet towels in a plastic bag or bags of potatoes (anything you can hold in each hand). 

This is a fun session you can do in the comfort of your own home but share the experience with others. This session is a whole body workout that you can do in very little space. 

We will challenge you to make it effective, however, alternatives are offered throughout to cater for fitness levels and injuries etc. 

Come and join in the fun!!!!!!



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Location Notes:

This is a virtual workout which takes place in your own home.