2022 Challenge – Forrest Gump!

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Strap on your Nordic poles and your best walking shoes and follow the famous footsteps of a man we all know and love, Forrest Gump. He ran to the end of town, the end of the county, the end of the state, and to the end of the coast. Then he ran back a few times. Can we walk 12528 miles in 2022?



5339 miles completed (42.6%)

We usually have to cancel walks because of thunder and lightening, or icy conditions, but this month it was because of a RED weather warning for heat! The rest of the month has been humid, so we’ve been trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible and STAY HYDRATED!



4549.5 miles completed (36.3%)

Despite the good weather, we only clocked up 530 miles this month. Is that because Jane’s injured and nobody wants to walk without her 😂, or more likely there’s less walks and less recces! Hopefully July will see an improvement 🤞


May – A Month Of Ups & Downs!

4019.5 miles completed (32.1%)

Having finally recovered from Covid, Jane decided to push herself too far and injured her leg! But we’ve still managed to walk over 850 miles this month, and had the added bonus of hearing a cuckoo!


April – Covid Hit The Group 🤦

3156 miles completed (25.2%)

A fabulous weekend away at the start of the month resulted in covid taking out 5 of our 6 instructors/walk leaders, which meant no walks for 10 days! We still managed nearly 800 miles though, and with the record breaking dry weather, attendances have finally started to increase


March – Spring Has Sprung!

2328 miles completed (18.6%)

The weather has finally improved, and we’re able to use some of the paths that have been quagmires since about October! The temperatures are perfect at the moment to get out walking, and hopefully we’ll see an uptick in our mileages 🤞


February – What A Wash Out!

1617.8 miles completed (13%)

With 3 named storms in less than a week, and rain 25 out of 28 days, we saw lots of walks cancelled and re-routed, meaning we didn’t quite manage to hit our target this month. With the weather improving hopefully we’ll be able to catch up over the next 10 months

January – Mud Glorious Mud!

1011.2 miles completed (8%)

Huge congratulations to everyone that has joined our walks this month. The weather hasn’t been great, with very cold temperatures meaning icy pavements, and slightly warmer weather resulting in mud. We have completed 1011.2 miles so far, and should hopefully make it to Santa Monica, the first stop seen in the film, in February


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