Returning To Exercise After Covid

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Have you suffered from Covid and found it difficult to shake those residual symptoms? Being British, after being ill we typically start to feel a bit better and immediately think we’re fine and can just ‘power through’ that post-viral fatigue

While some people might find they recover quite quickly, for others it can take much longer. How quickly you can return to exercise after coronavirus will be different for everyone. Even if you’ve recovered from Covid, you might find you’re still experiencing symptoms long after the virus is gone. For example, you might still feel very tired, get out of breath easily, or have aches and pains in your muscles. Understandably, these symptoms could make getting active more difficult, and we would usually continue to push ourselves to recover our fitness levels


By pushing yourself too hard and too fast, thinking you should be able to easily regain that pre-covid fitness, you could actually be causing more damage. A gradual, step-by-step, phased approach that’s tailored to your own needs and what your body can do is needed

If you’re returning to Nordic walking (or want to start Nordic walking to help with your fitness) after Covid, please speak to Jane first! She’s completed the CAWS Rebuild Training and does actually know what she’s talking about

It’s important to pay close attention to how you’re feeling when you exercise. Stop exercising immediately if you feel:

  • short of breath (that’s unusual for the amount of activity you’re doing)
  • a fast and more noticeable heartbeat (that’s unusual for the amount of activity you’re doing)
  • any pain or tightness in your chest
  • dizzy or faint
  • any symptoms of covid, such as a fever or loss of taste or smell, returning
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