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Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives

Brene Brown, a well-known social scientist and research professor at the University of Houston, has spent the last two decades studying vulnerability, shame, courage and empathy.


She tells a story about a village where the women would regularly go down to the river to wash their clothes together.  Whilst washing they would chat, share stories, learn from each other, connect over similar experiences and problems.  Then, technology came to the village and introduced washing machines.


Not so long after, there was a breakout of depression.   Why?


Well, the reason was due to the lack of social interaction, doing things together and losing their sense of community and belonging. When our lives lack these basic human needs,  it can affect our life expectancy in the same way that smoking 15 cigarettes a day can do!


There are many benefits to Nordic Walking – both physical and mental. And one of the key benefits we emphasise at Nordic Walking Watford is that sense of connection and belonging. Knowing you can book a Nordic walk and meet new friends, or reconnect with old ones. But it can be daunting, right? After lockdown, we all know how that feels.


But let’s not hideaway.  Reach out and we will take your hand and guide you, welcoming you into our community and giving you that sense of belonging.


And you don’t need to bring your washing… just your poles!

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