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When we teach you to Nordic Walk, we teach you everything you need to know to get your technique right. But…


We are human and we forget – and it’s very easy with Nordic Walking to develop some poor habits in terms of technique. And as instructors, whenever we attend CPD courses, it’s one of the first things to be addressed.


Poor technique can mean that you:

  • trip over your poles
  • experience hand or wrist fatigue
  • develop knee pain
  • experience tension in the shoulders
  • risk injury to another walker


As instructors, whenever we attend CPD courses, it’s one of the first things to be addressed. I have always preferred the approach that we are results-focused rather than technique-focused.

So, if the result you want is to really burn calories, build strength and improve your cardiovascular system, then a good Nordic Walking technique is key.

If the result you want is to enjoy being outside, being sociable, with positive mental health benefits then the technique is not so important.


However, to get the MOST from your Nordic Walking sessions, it is sensible to work on your technique.

Understanding the GEAR system is the first step in ensuring good technique, even if you can’t yet achieve all the right steps.

So, whilst the gears do indicate pace, the important part is the technique you use to achieve that pace – it’s not just walking faster.


Do you know the difference between Gear 1, 2 and 3?

And what on earth is Gear 4?


To be effective in your NORDIC WALKING, you should be able to answer these questions!


If you can’t, why not join me for a refresher session:


Power of Poles 2 session

Saturday 4th February at 2 pm


Technique Refresher

Wednesday 8th February at 2 pm


The truth is you don’t break a bad habit – you replace it with a good one.








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