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I am currently working on putting together our WALK PROGRAMME for the first few weeks of January 2022, as well as some of our key dates throughout the year.

As always we will have some fabulous special events, challenges, and weekends away coming up throughout the year so do watch our communications carefully so that you can stay up to date.



Unfortunately, we have seen a significant decrease in the number of walk bookings over the last few months and whilst I am analysing all aspects of NWW to try and improve the situation, simply put we can no longer support the number of walks we have with such a drop in bookings.

Sadly, the following changes will come into effect from 1st January 2022.
    • FANTASTIC FRIDAY will be removed
    • HILLS + DRILLS will be removed
    • MIDWEEK MINDFULNESS – will be a summer-only session

A number of other walks have persistently low numbers and these will continue to be monitored. Should walk numbers improve, I will of course reconsider.

In order to make it easier to understand our walk grades, both for new walkers and existing ones, the description of WELLBEING, ADVENTURE and WORKOUT, will now be replaced by the GEAR system.
Walking “pace” has become a real stumbling block in terms of people not wanting to move around the walks – there now appears to be a real stigma attached to joining, for instance, a well-being or workout walk when you are an adventure walker


So the following changes to walk titles will now be put in place:


WELLBEING will become GEAR 1
WELLBEING PLUS will become GEAR 1+
ADVENTURE will become GEAR 2
PUSH THE PACE will become GEAR 2+
WORKOUT will become GEAR 3
If you are unsure of NORDIC WALKING GEARS, then please do consider joining one of our technique courses for a refresher. If you pay by Direct Debit all training courses are available FREE OF CHARGE and existing walkers are welcome to join our POWER OF POLES 2 sessions.


And don’t forget to sign up for our ANNIVERSARY CHALLENGE too – more information will be released shortly!


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