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Staying motivated for any length of time is tough, isn’t it?

Goals can make a massive difference in your life. And you will, no doubt, have plenty of reasons to try and achieve that goal. But sometimes we still need more than that to stay on track and stay focused on the result.

Some goals can seem so big that they feel impossible… those 10,000 steps a day for a month for instance?

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

And every big goal can be broken into smaller achievable steps.

So, if you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, here are some pointers to help guide you onwards…



You have a reason or even several reasons to want to change or achieve your goal. Write down why making this change or achieving this goal is important to you. How will you feel when you achieve it? What benefits will you feel? How will you feel if you don’t achieve it?

For instance:

Walking 10,000 steps a day for a month means:

  • I will be healthier & fitter
  • I will have set up some good exercise habits
  • I will feel accomplished



Any change or challenge requires hard work, but you can still try and make things easier on yourself so that you can improve your chance of success.

So, if you are trying to achieve your 10,000 steps a day, plan the best time to accomplish it. Lighter evenings give you more time in the day to get out and walk. Bank holidays mean time off work so the goal is more achievable. Consider setting up a Direct Debit payment option so you don’t have to think about individual walk payments.



Sometimes, the finish line is so far away, that it’s impossible to see. And worrying about that finish line makes it even harder.

Break down that BIG goal into a series of smaller steps that are more achievable. So, if you are looking to achieve 10,000 steps a day for a month, tick off each day at a time. Start each day anew and concentrate on just ONE day.



Once you make a start, keep track of your progress. Tick off each you take step in the right direction and display it somewhere obvious. Put a tick on your calendar for each day you achieve those 10,000 steps for instance and watch your progress.



Be proud – tell your friends and family, fellow challengers. Tell me! Treat yourself to nice food, a trip away, some new clothes, a Gin + Tonic!  If you are working towards those 10,000 steps a day for a month, celebrate at the end of each week.

Remember too that sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination and shapes the people we become and the lives we touch. 



In 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I faced nearly two years of complex treatment. The enormity of that was just something I simply could NOT comprehend. Two years felt like an eternity, and I just could not visualize the light at the end of the tunnel.

But I knew that to survive and see my children grow up, I had to face it (1: My Why)

I didn’t want my children to see me struggling with treatment so they spent those days with other family members – that made things easier for me (2 : Make it as Easy as Possible)

A friend nudged me in the right direction to change my thinking and focus on 1 step of treatment at a time – it was a marathon and not a sprint.

So, I wrote it down:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor
  • 4 weeks recovery
  • 4 x 3 weekly chemotherapy treatment
  • 10 x weekly chemotherapy treatment
  • 18 x 3 weekly targeted biological therapy
  • 25 x daily radiotherapy treatments
  • Reconstruction surgery

So, I now had 7 smaller goals and I didn’t think about the next until I had completed the current step. (3: Aim for the next milestone)

I kept an email journal of my progress. This filled my hospital treatment days, enabled me to document what I had achieved, and encouraged me to stay in contact with friends and family. (4: Build up a string of successes)

And at the end of each treatment phase, I would enjoy family days, catching up with friends, champagne, spa days  (5. Celebrate what you achieve)


And that was how I got through the biggest challenge I have ever faced.







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