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Debbie Baxter

My journey with Nordic walking began with a taster session at a fitness weekend. It was an outdoor activity which was fun and sociable.
Nordic walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking. Anyone can do it. It is twice as effective using 90% of our muscles and burns more calories.
I decided to become a nordic Walking Instructor after having recieved a serious leg and hip injury. With Nordic walking I got my confidence back and was able to set goals,challenge myself and improve my personal fitness.

I am a qualified wellbeing and performance coach and understand difficulties and managing life’s stresses . With my varied job experiences in the public sector and bringing up my own family I enjoy helping others and recognise the importance of keeping fit.

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Anita Lobban

Anita runs regular Wellbeing Walks with poles from and around Sale Water Park and longer monthly walks in surrounding counties. Anita wants to encourage older adults to get more from their walking by using poles.  Focus is also on getting out in nature, socialising and general wellbeing.

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Karen Taylor

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Active Walks Nordic

Active Walks Nordic hold regular ‘Learn to Nordic’ Courses. At the moment the courses are free and the nordic poles are provided to all participants attending the course. As places are limited on the course you must book a place before the start date.

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Mark Richardson

Whatever your goals, current levels of fitness and ability I can help you achieve them at a pace that is best suited to YOU

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Roseland Nordic Walking


Guided Nordic Walking group sessions in this most beautiful coastal countryside, with walk leader Elizabeth Everington.

With expert-led walks to suit all fitness levels and abilities, our Nordic walking sessions will help you:

– Improve your fitness
– Stay accountable to your goals
– Connect with a group of like-minded sociable walkers
– Revitalise old habits and get moving again

Want to know more?  follow the link…

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Toh Ee Siew

Nordic Walking Malaysia is run by Toh Ee who believes in giving back to the people and encouraging them to ‘Learn Nordic Walking For Charity’

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Herefordshire Nordic Walking

At Hereford Nordic Walking we are a friendly group providing walks for all abilities in various locations around our beautiful county of Herefordshire. Walking with poles turns a walk into a workout – whether that\’s a gentle Well Being Walk or a more challenging Workout Walk. Our walks can last for 1 hour or all day. We often finish off with a cafe or pub visit. If you would like to find out more please contact us or sign up for a Learn To Nordic Walk Course listed below.

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Mike Neary

I have always kept myself fit, spending 22 years in the military gave me a love of the outdoors. I can’t think of anything better than Nordic Walking with a group of people who have the same love of the outdoors.

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Liz Easterbrook

Liz and the team love exploring the great outdoors while exercising.   Every walk is different and hopefully teaching even the seasoned walker new footpaths. Ide Hill Nordic Walking has been running for over 4 years and has a fantastic community,many walks end with coffee.

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Mark Pattinson

Mark is a weight loss advisor, an experienced Nordic Walking instructor, a Master Personal Trainer and a Sports Massage and Relaxation Massage Therapist.  He is also a qualified mountain leader so you are in good hands!  There are a variety of guided walks to suit all abilities at reasonable prices. Taster walks are available at a small cost without further obligation.

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Storme Bodyworks Bath

Hi I am Storme, I have lived in beautiful Bath for 18 years and have over 20 different small group Nordic Walking routes in and around Bath, we walk all over the Bath area, Bath Centre, Bathwick Hill and around Widcombe, Sham Castle, Rainbow Woods, Lansdowne Racecourse.  I absolutely love introducing people to Nordic Walking and teaching the technique as it is fun, super easy to learn and gives instant results.  I provide poles for the Learn To Nordic Walk.  It’s great Fitness, helps you stay aligned and balanced and turns your walk into a workout depending on the level of course.
After you have learned the technique you are then in a position to get your own set of Poles or for your first few group walks you may prefer to borrow mine and try the different types of Poles available and choose which type suits you best before buying your own.  Are you gloves/no gloves?  Carbon/Aluminium?
The walks are graded, easy moderate and challenging.  The gradient is also outlined whether a flat walk, moderately hilly or once again challenging.  All walks of course have COVID protocols in place and are fully risk assessed.

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